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One thousand

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St. Mary the Virgin

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Last updated 1 Jan 21

The Tower houses a ring of six bells, which are rung regularly by an enthusiastic group of bellringers.

The oldest bell was cast about the year 1380, the next between 1488 and 1525.

Two bells date from 1604, one of which was a gift from Patrick Lowe (whose memorial is in the Chancel) and is very richly decorated.

The remaining two are modern, being installed in 1907.

A Peel of Six Bells

This picture shows the bells in 1897 when a new bell frame was installed in the tower.

See the table below for details of each bell.

The bells are rung regularly each week.

For further information or if you would like to learn bell ringing, please contact us.

No 2

No 4

No 5

Note E

3 cwt 2 qrs


Note D

4 cwt 20 lbs

1380 - 1390

Note C

3 cwt 26 lbs


No 8

No 7

No 6

Note G

9 cwt 8 qrs 20 lbs

1604, recast 1907

Note A

6 cwt 1 qr 23 lbs

1488 - 1525

Note B

4 cwt 3 qrs 12 lbs


Download a pdf document containing details of the six bells.